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The Arcane Portal is a temple where you choose 18 heroes to automatically fight a series of guards and a boss. It is unlocked after completing the second normal map boss.

There are 9 maps to beat and the next map only opens after you have defeated the one before.

The Arcane Portal is located in the sea near your town and glows purple when it is open.

The Arcane portal doesn't cost energy, but requires 8 hours to open again.

Each level has a set of masteries and skill which tremedously helps beating it. For example the first map cannot be beaten with 18 lvl40 heroes, but it can be beaten with almost the same setup and the Disarm bonus of the hero Mystic.

Besides the listed bonuses, Arcane Portel offers a way to level up heroes. Map 1 gives 12600xp, which is enough to level a hero to lvl23. Map2 offers 15300xp which is enough for lvl27. It is also useful for XP Guild Quests.

Map 1 - Path of Skulls

Arcaneportal pathofskulls

Oggmar Grimefest (Horde)

Possible Rewards 1200 Soul Shards, 25 Energy, 25 Siege Stones, 1 Gold Key, 15 Rare Soul Stone, 3 Epic Soul Stones, 25 Gems, 5 Ring Relic, 5 Rune Relic, 1 Mythic Soul Stone, Swiftwing, Templar

Skills to help: Freezing, Ghost Arrow

Masteries to help - Disarm (Mystic), Horde

Typical level required to beat - ??

Notes - Templar is useful for, but not required for level 95 of Tree of Life.

Map 2 - Lava Slope Edit

Molten Goliath (Demon)

Possible Rewards 1800 Soul Shards, 35 Energy, 35 Siege Stones, 2 Gold Key, 25 Rare Soul Stone, 5 Epic Soul Stones, 35 Gems, 6 Ring Relic, 6 Rune Relic, 1 Mythic Soul Stone, Helmed Horrors, Giant Killer

Skills to help: Dispel, Healing Light, Cleansing, Shield Explosion

Masteries to help: Calm (Legionnaire), Demon

Typical level required to beat - With Calm, Demon and Cleansing bonus sum lvl of 672 results 1 dead.

Map 3 - Edge of the Abyss Edit

Wyrm the Insane (Sylvan)

Possible Rewards 2500 Soul Shards, 50 Energy, 50 Siege Stones, 3 Gold Key, 30 Rare Soul Stone, 7 Epic Soul Stones, 50 Gems, 7 Ring Relic, 7 Rune Relic, 1 Mythic Soul Stone, Chaos Master, Shaman

Skills to help: Seal Break, Shield Split, Bonus Maker (Healing), Bonus Maker (Bow)

Masteries to help: Great Reaction (Rifleman), Sylvan

Typical level required to beat - With every bonus except the potion maker and sum lvl of 742 results 1 dead. With the same setup, but without Great Reaction and sum lvl of 889, died at boss.

Map 4 is not currently availableEdit