Your Lord is probably the most important hero in your team for missions because their traits increase drop rates. Your lord has the stats of a natural rank 3 unit. All Lords have the same traits: increased soulstone drop, increased gems from chests and increased chest drop from monsters. You can level the traits using the gambling wheel after you have learned the 3rd trait. Each spin costs 10000 gold.


  • Dungeon Raider: Increases the chance of gem drops in missions.
  • Souls Collector: Increases the chance of soulstones drop.
  • Treasure Hunter: Chance of chest drops from guards is increased. At lvl 5 slot machine this is 50%!!!

Your lord can be changed at any time for 300 gems. You can choose gender, class, skill and mastery. Mage - lightning (unique), healing light, bonus maker, mark Warrior - light sword (unique), healing light, bonus maker, mark Archer - ghost arrow, healing light, bonus maker, mark Rogue - bladestorm, healing light, bonus maker, mark

Mastery Holy Aura - 10% Health and Attack against guard class. Only Sylvan is available at the start. You must raise the rank of your Lord to open new masteries. Sylvan - 1* Undead - 4* Horde - 5* Demon - 6*