Relics are items that are used to upgrade your units (increase health, attack or add a trait). There are 99 relics to obtain. Some of the most powerful relics are not yet available.

Relics can be obtained from:

  • missions
  • arcane portal and daily quests
  • sieges
  • the shop
  • guild shop

Relics cost gold to add to your unit.

There are 8 different types of relics, 4 for heroes and 4 for guards. Only certain relics come from certain sources. They correspond to the row of the awakening page.


  • Helm
  • Weapon (siege)
  • Chest
  • Ring (arc p/daily q)


  • Amulet
  • Totem (siege)
  • Armor
  • Rune (arc p/daily q)
Relics top
Relics middle
Relics bottom