Each Hero has 1 skill and the same unit comes with a variety of possible skills.

Icon Name Effect Heroes Cooldown
Ghost Arrow
Ghost Arrow Single target 4*base atk (see note) Archer 4
Rain of Arrows
Rain of Arrow Multi target 2*base atk Archer 4
Bonus Maker (Bow)
Bonus Maker (bow) Adds a bow bonus to the field Archer 8
Freezing Freezes all guards for 1 turn Mage, Rogue, Warrior 8
Mark One guard suffers +10% damage and is the only guard to be attacked. Lasts 4 turns mage, rogue, archer, warrior 4
Bonus Maker (sword)
Bonus Maker (Sword) Adds a Sword bonus to the field. Warrior 8
Blade Storm
Blade Storm Damages selected guard for 4* base atk. Rogue 4
Bomb Monster
Bomb Monster Damages all guards for 2*atk. Rogue 4
Healing Light
Healing Light Heals all heroes for 0.95* base atk. Mage 8
Shield Split
Shield Split Damages shield of a single guard by 18*base atk Mage, ? 6
Dispel Removes 1 buff from a selected guard Mage, ? 8
Shield Explosion
Shield Explosion Damages shield of a all guards by 9*base atk Mage, ? 6
Bonus Maker (Bomb)
Bonus Maker (bomb) Adds a bomb bonus to the field Rogue 8
Bonus Maker (healing)
Bonus Maker (Healing) Adds a healing bonus to the field Mage 8
Seal Break
Seal Break Removes 1 life from a random seal. Mage, Archer, Rogue, Warrior 15
Cleansing Remove 12 random infected stones 8

Base attack is attack before bonuses from heroes sanctuary, relics and trials. Base attack can increase with unit level. Base attack (without bonuses) can be read in the 'collection' book.

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